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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  January 26, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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for sheena, for glenn, all of us here at nbc10. >> we'll sends you to "nbc nightly news." on our broadcast tonight, breaking news as this pote history making blizzard unleashing its fury. states of emergency include some major population centers. tonight, the order to shut down new york city as boston and parts of new england brace for up to three feet of snow as an entire region awaits near total paralysis. flight risk a drone has crash landed on the white house lawn in the middle of the night as the secret service scrambles to conduct its own investigation. just think of the security questions this raises. and petty theft. controversy erupts over one of the biggest hit songs in years. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york this
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is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. the mayors of new york and boston say they are preparing for the worst. new york has ordered streets closed to traffic starting tonight while boston will get all the snow they can handle. and on parts of the atlantic coast this will feel just like a winter hurricane. blizzard warnings not winter storm warnings but blizzard warnings are posted in seven states. five different states have declared states of emergency. and parts of the entire region could be paralyzed for days. we have the entire region covered here tonight. we want to begin with nbc's anne thompson in new york where the evening rush really began to take place this morning as everyone went home. anne good everyoning. >> reporter: good evening, brian. it certainly did. the city that never sleeps is shutting down. new york is getting hit by this storm in waves. come take a look at manhattan's iconic fifth avenue. it is relatively empty as the city prepares for what could be a long and dangerous night.
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the blizzard began blasting new york this afternoon. a storm that could be one for the record books. >> this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of new york city. >> reporter: the city's mayor declared a state of emergency. new york city streets were closed to all but emergency vehicles at 11:00 p.m. tonight. that's to make way for some 2,300 vehicles with plowing ability to hit those streets and clear the city's 6,000 miles of road. new york's subway and bus systems will also shut down at 11:00. 5 million people depend on them to get around each day. tonight, a mad scramble to get out of the city. this is penn station. in neighboring new jersey the warnings are up and 3,700 snowplows are ready to roll. public transit will grind to a halt in new jersey at 10:00 tonight with service suspended. this monstrous storm could drop up to two feet of snow and is expected to paralyze the region.
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>> this is going to be a lot of snow no matter how you add it up. and so we're going to be challenged but we feel like we're prepared and we're ready. >> reporter: help is on the way. power crews from as far away as michigan are now moving east. back in new york city central park is closed. the last time that happened was hurricane sandy. officials don't want anyone to underestimate this storm. now, those broadway shows with performances tonight, they're all canceled. and officials throughout the region their advice is very short and sweet, stay home and stay safe. brian. >> anne thompson on normally busy fifth avenue tonight. anne thanks. miguel almaguer is up the coast in boston where from connecticut through rhode island massachusetts, the cape and island southern maine, they're all expected to get the real brunt of this storm. forecasts of up to three feet. hey, miguel good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. with steady snow now falling in
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boston public works facilities like this one are in overdrive. in this city alone 35,000 tons of salt are being used on treacherous roads. but despite what you see here there is no way to keep city streets safe. so tonight from the governor to city leaders they are asking the public begging them please stay home. it hit late this afternoon. steady snow blinding the northeast. the first punch of what's expected to be a knockout storm. in connecticut a state of emergency and a travel ban. the roads shut down to the public starting at 9:00 p.m. >> we believe this will be a long duration cleanup. and i urge everyone to plan accordingly. >> reporter: help is on the way. power crews from as far as michigan are now moving east. still millions could lose electricity and heat from northern maine to atlantic city. in massachusetts the factor family knows they could be in the dark any minute. >> the last time we lost power
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for a few days and the kids you know you always worry about who's in the bathroom and the showers and the trees in the backyard. >> reporter: with this winter wallop building momentum massachusetts has called in the national guard. schools ordered closed here the next two days as hospitals beef up staff. it's not just snow but wind and water that could cripple this region. cape cod is in the bullseye. storm surge as high as four feet. major coastal flooding serious beach erosion and winds could gust to almost hurricane force. grocery store shelves are going empty. >> number two. >> reporter: in boston they're already low on milk and patience. >> just getting a parking space in the parking lot is very bad. >> reporter: tonight the northeast is bracing. this is just the beginning of what promises to get much worse. over the next 48 hours facilities like this one will be operating around the clock.
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they call this the backbone to keeping streets open for first responders. and we should note brian, not far from here the national guard is standing at the ready. brian. >> miguel almaguer in the bay state tonight. miguel thanks. the ripple effects of this storm being felt far and wide that's because a third of the air traffic in this country passes through or around the new york area. right now we estimate nearly 7,000 flights have been canceled over the next three days. thousands more delayed of course. it is a mess. and just tonight travelers were told not to expect new york laguardia for one to open at all tomorrow. that's where we find nbc's tom costello tonight. hey, tom, good evening. >> reporter: hey, brian. can you imagine this? look at this this is laguardia airport. it's essentially a ghost town tonight. 80 bank account to 90% of flights 234 and around new york in boston and philly canceled. that's going later tonight into tomorrow. the airlines don't want their planes sitting on a ramp in a blizzard. so they're moving all those
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planes out now. for airports airlines and their passengers this monday has been all about getting ahead of the storm. 6,500 flights into and out of the northeast today and tomorrow canceled. on flight radar 24 air traffic over the northeast thinned out dramatically as the day progressed. in pittsburgh michelle johnson was trying to get to boston. >> three re-scheduled canceled flights is difficult to wonder when you're going to get home in three feet of snow. >> reporter: the flights that did fly were mostly full. our flight into laguardia just a few minutes delayed, but it's likely to be one of the last into new york as the airlines proactively cancel flights into and out of the northeast. martha kramer is stuck in paris on business. not sure when she'll get back to new york. >> they don't know where the planes will be when the snow ends so they're not sure about rebooking people. it's a little frustrating because i have to be in new york on business wednesday morning. >> reporter: tonight, the flight aware misery map shows delays
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and cancellations and mounting from boston to philly new york and boston. but spreading to other big hubs as well atlanta and chicago. it may be wednesday before the nation's airlines even attempt to put all their planes back in the air. yeah don't expect any flights at all tomorrow. late word on amtrak it is now closing or suspending all operations in the northeast from new york to boston effective tomorrow. so amtrak also shutting down brian. >> tom costello with an incredible scene there at laguardia airport here in new york. tom, thanks. in covering weather we have learned terminology like superstorm polar vortex. and with this storm there's a new one bombogensis. >> reporter: when you have rapid deepening of a storm, it explodes if you will. drops 24 millibar in 24 hours or less. that's what we're expecting with
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this storm as it makes its way up the coast. it is going to really intensify. so we have blizzard warnings for 29 million people from maine all the way to new jersey. and it's just going to get worse as this system makes its way up you can see already on the radar we still have a lot of activity stretching from new jersey all the way into new england. and that's just going to continue. here's what we expect. through the afternoon, the evening hours, into tomorrow morning early this storm intensifyies intensifies. snowfall amounts two to four inches per hour thundersnow possible. the winds are going to be a big problem too. we're looking at wind gusts of 65 miles per hour coastal flooding and beach erosion with seas ten to 20 feet. now you look as we get into tomorrow afternoon for the boston area. again, those snowfall rates really intensify. thundersnow. and look at these wind gusts, up to 80 miles per hour. that's where we may see major coastal flooding power outages possible. and these power outages could last for days. we're backing off perhaps the snowfall amounts here in new
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york city from 9 to 16 inches but blowing snow still a problem. but look on the cape and eastern half of massachusetts we're talking two feet or more up to three feet of snow brian. this is a really intensifying storm. we're going to start "wake up with al" on the weather channel at 4:00 a.m. we'll be streaming live this evening right into midnight and beyond. so we're going to keep you posted as this storm intensifies. >> all right, al we'll take any reduction in accumulation numbers you can give us. al roker out on the plaza tonight. we'll be watching the story of course all evening long. we turn now to a headline that read to us today like it came right out of the cold war. the fbi says it has charged three men as russian spies who were operating here in the u.s. one of them worked at a russian bank in new york. he's u arre the other two are diplomats who have left this country. they are accused of passing sensitive economic information onto moscow. there's been a terrible
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accident involving american service members at a base used by nato overseas. a jet liner crashed shortly after takeoff right into an area where other aircraft were parked. this happened at a base in southeast spain. at least ten people died here most french nationals. several others were injured including as many as six americans. f-16 is said to have suffered a sudden power loss. an incident at the white house is once again raising major concerns about security at a building of course is supposed to be among the most secure on the planet. this time it was a small drone that breached the air space above and crashed right on to the white house grounds. nbc's kristen welker has our report. >> reporter: in the pre-dawn darkness secret service officers combed the white house grounds after this drone crashed into a tree on the south lawn at 3:00 a.m. this afternoon secret service officials said a man contacted them six hours after the crash and said the drone was his.
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law enforcement sources say the man told them he wanted to test the device in bad weather and lost control. president obama and the first lady are traveling in india, but daughters malia, sasha and their grandmother are here. security experts say while this drone may not have posed a threat another drone might. >> my concern is this is a new delivery system for a weapon. >> reporter: drones are increasingly sophisticated and affordable. just last week drug smugglers crashed one of the devices transporting meth from mexico to california. a year and a half ago german chancellor angela merkel got an unwelcomed surprise when a camera landed near her feet at a campaign event. so what can the secret service do? >> i think something that would give them adequate warning would be a combination of radar and video analytics that could scan the sky 360 degrees around the
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secure compound. >> reporter: and the incident raises new questions about the secret service already under scrutiny after a series of security lapses including a man jumping over the fence and making it all the way inside the white house last september. house oversight chairman jason chaffetz says the agency is focused on drones. >> ever since the incident with the german chancellor it's been on their radar. but they've got to solve it. >> reporter: now, this drone was small, just two feet across. still the incident has prompted for stronger federal regulations involving drone use. brian. >> as snow falls on the north lawn kristen welker thanks. still ahead, late word of new developments in the case in the death of joan rivers. first, the survivors who lived to tell about the horrors of the holocaust and those who made it out of auschwitz alive only to make it out for the big anniversary. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so.
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this past june we ventured back to normandy to mark the 70th anniversary of the d-day invasion. we went back with some of the veterans now in their 90s returning to those beaches, most of them for the last time. the d-day invasion of course marked the beginning of the end of the second world war. and now a number of anniversaries will follow including this one. 70 years ago this week the nazi death cam at auschwitz was liberated but not enough to save over a million jews killed there. some who survived that place went back there today.
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and nbc's bill neely was there. >> reporter: suffering is etched on every face. 21 american survivors on the road back to auschwitz. they had outlived the gas chambers at the gates they cried defiantly. >> i'm a victor. >> reporter: you're a victor. >> i'm a victor. >> reporter: they were here as teenagers back today as old men lost in memory. a11832 is jack now a successful realtor. >> somebody told me nobody ever gets out alive from here. so to be here now 70 years later, i consider it an accomplishment to say the least. >> reporter: they survived a death camp like no other, site of the largest mass murder ft world has ever seen. many of the jews who arrived here were gassed within an hour.
6:48 pm
10,000 people every day at its height a third of a million jews killed here in eight weeks. beneath the gates the promised work makes you free they stood proud. marsel now a new york doctor still can't believe he's alive. >> i think of those whose voices have been silenced in the gas chambers and crematory. those people whose stories cannot be told we have to tell their story. >> reporter: harry coreman is back here for the first time. >> i got tears in my eyes. >> reporter: he was selected to survive by a nazi thumbs up. >> if they would do like this i would be gone. >> reporter: so many tears, and yet today at least a kind of victory. >> the first time around i didn't expect --
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melissa rivers, daughter of joan rivers, today formally filed suit against the daughters here at the clinic in new york where her mother suffered fatal complications during a throat procedure. it alleges doctors took photos while she was sedated and waited 12 minutes to call 911 and left the room at a time of a critical youngture. the clinic has not responded to our request for comment. sam smith scored one of the recent biggest hits in years with grammy-nominated "stay with me" which has spent months near the top of the charts. but upon its release, some people especially those of a different age, notice the chorus bears a similarity to another hit song released a quarter century ago. ♪ oh won't you stay with me cause you're all i need ♪
6:53 pm
♪ well i won't back down no i won't back down ♪ >> we've done the homework there for you. and tonight smith confirms he has settled a copyright dispute with tom pet ty and jeff lynn co-writers of i won't back down. while smith acknowledges similarities between the two songs, he says he wasn't familiar with the earlier song and it was a complete coincidence, he says. petty and jeff lynn will now be listed as co-writers on the song and will receive royalties. a rare sight caught on camera as a single-engine plane came to a rest in the ocean after being lowered from the sky by a parachute. the pilot ran out of fuel off the coast of maui. coast guard recorded this video. the plane's manufacture is cirrus and known as a high performance, high price aircraft. but this sr-22 model does have a
6:54 pm
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here in new york the mayor's reminding everyone of the dangers of being out on the streets, but when a storm of this size bears down the supermarket has its own dangers. it does something to people who take on a desperate look their hunter gatherer and hoarding instincts can take over. it can get dangerous as our own harry smith reports. >> reporter: no matter where we live there's this thing we do when the really big one is about to hit, we storm the supermarket. >> it was totally mobbed. and people fighting for things. it was crazy. >> reporter: is it crazy or good planning? after all, we could be stuck in the house for days. >> we want to be ready because we're going to be bored. so we want some cooking projects. we bought some egg whites to make pie and kids picked out bubble bath in case we're really bored. >> reporter: across the storm zone social media showed us
6:58 pm
pictures of long lines and empty shelves. it also showed us what people said were storm essentials like cider and chips, ice cream and stout. what's the most important thing you have to have if you're going to hunker down during a snowstorm like this? >> the beer is around the corner. >> reporter: so you're ready to go? >> i'm ready to go. >> reporter: others at a fareway store in new york made more age-appropriate decisions. graham crackers marshmallows. what's that? >> hershey's. >> reporter: hershey's, ready for s'mores. >> reporter: staying safe in a storm. harry smith. indeed it's getting wild here in new york as this winter storm bears down on the east coast. we'll have more throughout the hours, the morning and back with you here tomorrow night. i'm brian williams in midtown
6:59 pm
manhattan tonight. look for you right back here tomorrow evening.
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good evening. here's a live look at the radar. we have some snow showers moving through. new york is starting to see heavier snowfall. this is a developing storm system. eventually it will become a major snowstorm. snow totals lowly could range anywhere from 2 to 15 inches. not everyone will see heavy snow but those of us who do will see a lot of snow. new jersey will be the worst hit. parts of delaware seeing some snow showers moving through. philadelphia seeing those light snow showers all the way up through new york. blizzard warning s


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